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M A T A T A L T A 

Aliens from the farthest reaches of the galaxy gather at SFB Slater, the Imperium’s largest military facility, hoping to one day fly and fight from the decks of a Jakarien battlecruiser - to earn the right to be called Hunter. Sam Becket, Bo Gitchitsen, and Alex Jacks are three such aliens. But Sam has a secret. Sworn to secrecy by his dying mother. Raised by a Jakarien prince on an alien world. Feared by some who believe his very existence threatens the foundational fabric of the Imperium. Sam, oblivious to a destiny orchestrated by forces he cannot hope to understand, embarks, along with his friends, AJ and BO, on the adventure of a lifetime. A quest to earn Star Corps’ most coveted badge… Daggered Wings. 

Peter Andrew Jones: "I felt I was 21 again, visualizing my first E.E. Doc Smith cover. If it was David’s intention to write a 70s style SF book, he cracked it, 100%."


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