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Mag racers or mags utilize technology associated with commonly operated magnetic repulsion modes of transportation. The capabilities, however, have been enhanced to the point where dangerous no longer describes the brutally mendacious art of racing one of these savagely seductive vehicles.


And as for the event itself, a mag race, words like homicidal, murderous, and needlessly reckless are most generally used by the sport’s detractors. But, of course, the Imperium’s Blood Sport, if it is to remain the most popular sporting event in the Imperium, does in fact, need to be… Reckless.  


That being said, mags must adhere to exacting design criteria as set forth by the Magnetic Attraction Racing League’s competition committee. These regulations include but are not limited to the specific weight of racing vehicles versus available thrust, driver safety devices, maximum wing area, and pilot performance enhancement gear. For example, zero-G generators and inertial dampening systems, even if within weight tolerances, are strictly forbidden. On the other hand, anti-gravitational force suits working in conjunction with the cockpit's energy absorbent material, EAM - are mandatory.



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